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Damien Echols. Image courtesy Damien Echols
Angels on Death Row: Damien Echols and Practical Magick
September 04, 2020
Damien Echols, one of the West Memphis Three, describes how 17 years on death row for a series of murders he did not commit led him to the practice of “magick.”
Sigil of the Archangel Garbriel. Image derived from the artwork of Damien Echols
The Armor of God September 04, 2020
Damien Echols talks about his daily practice of magick and how it involves the summoning of angels and archangels, which he calls “putting on the armor of God.”

Echols describes how the pain of solitary confinement affected his faith and talks about how he finds spiritual sustenance in the churches, temples, synagogues, and museums of his new home in New York City.

Damien Echols, Artist, and author – most recently of Angels and Archangels: A Magician's Guide. Damien began his practice of magick while on death row, after being wrongfully convicted of murder as part of the West Memphis Three.

Angel and Archangels.Image courtesy sounds true

Angels and Archangels: A Magician's Guide
sounds true press

Nathan Bjorge, Ph.D. Image courtesy Nathan Bjorge
From Satanic Panic to QAnon September 04, 2020
Dr. Nathan Bjorge responds to Damien Echols’ version of magick and traces its history to the early 20th-century occultist Aleister Crowley. He also addresses the “satanic panic” of the 1990s that sent Echols to prison and warns against its resurgence in contemporary conspiracy theories.

Dr. Nathan Bjorge, Ph.D. Independent scholar studying Western esoteric religions, including magick. He received his Doctorate from The Graduate Theological Union at the University of California Berkeley.

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