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Stories and Stereotypes: Muslims in America, 2019
May 10, 2019
What are American Muslims thinking about their country? What are other Americans thinking about them? And remembering Rachel Held Evans.
Secret Life of Muslims
The Secret Life of Muslims May 10, 2019
Joshua Seftel, co-creator and founding director of the hit online series “Secret Life of Muslims,” explains the motivation for the project, which was nominated for an Emmy and has been viewed tens of millions of times. Seftel is Jewish and has vivid memories of anti-Semitism directed against his family as he grew up in Upstate New York. More recently he learned that half of Americans have a negative view of Muslims, and thought that as a filmmaker, he had a way to counter this prejudice. Seftel and his crew have made about 20 episodes in the series to date -- short audio profiles of American Muslims that portray them as relatable, inspiring and funny.

Joshua Seftel, co-creator and founding director, Secret Life of Muslims

Joshua Seftel, co-creator and founding director of The Secret Lives of Muslims
Muslim woman voting. Image courtesy of ISPU
American Muslims – By the Numbers May 10, 2019
If anyone has a finger on the pulse of American Muslims, it’s Dalia Mogahed, director of research for the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding. She shares the often surprising results of her group’s recently-released “American Muslim Poll 2019.” It turns out that Muslims are more optimistic about the future of America than most, that their power at the polls is steadily increasing, and that anti-Muslim attitudes vary markedly among religious groups. Mogahed explains what tends to make a person more prone to Islamophobia, and what can break through anti-Muslim bias.

Dalia Mogahed, director of research, Institute for Social Policy and Understanding


Dalia Mogahed, director of research, Institute for Social Policy and Understanding

Rachel Held Evans
Remembering Rachel Held Evans May 10, 2019
Legions of fans are mourning the unexpected death of young Christian writer Rachel Held Evans, who died on May 4 after a short illness. She leaves behind a husband, two young children, and four books about faith. We talk to Diana Butler Bass, a Christian scholar and writer who befriended Evans and watched her devoted following grow. It wasn’t only Evans’ unflinching honesty in critiquing the church that made her stand out, says Butler Bass, but her kindness toward her critics, and her devotion to other writers whom she helped to find an audience.

Diana Butler Bass, religion scholar and author

Author Diana Butler Bass