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Chaplains: Deep Breaths in the Trauma Room
June 01, 2018
We're revisiting part of our Chaplains series, in a place where spiritual caregivers encounter the "worst of the worst."  
Ruth Morris
Sacred Moments in a Virginia Hospital June 01, 2018
JoAnn and Tim Cockey tell us how their son, Luke, ended up in the emergency room of Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center in Richmond nine years ago. And we tag along with Stephanie Hamilton (pictured), a chaplain who was on hand that day and continues to shepherd families through their darkest moments. Produced by Ruth Morris. Special thanks to LifeNet Health.  

Stephanie Hamilton, faculty chaplain liason for surgery/trauma/neuro at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center 
                                        Tim's tattoos of Luke's heartbeat and the tree of life.
Special thanks to LifeNet Health.
Dollars and Cents and Spiritual Care June 01, 2018
The statistician W. Edwards Deming famously said, "In God we trust, all others must bring data." For our two guests, reliable data about the impact of spiritual counseling in healthcare settings is a kind of holy grail. How do you measure the value of a compassionate and calm presence in the midst of illness and loss?

Dr. Deborah Marin, psychiatry professor and director, Center for Spirituality and Health at Mt. Sinai.
George Fitchett, professor and director of research, Department of Religion, Health and Human Values, Ruth University Medical Center

This series is supported by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education and the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation.
Spiritual Care Between Boarding Gates June 01, 2018
Until he retired in 2013, Chaplain Ralph Benson roamed the crowded hallways of Dulles International Airport, counseling up to 12 people a day. His sacred meeting places? The closest Chipotle or Five Guys. He talked to our show's founder Maureen Fiedler in 2010 about serving a unique flock.

Ralph Benson, former airport chaplain, current pastor at Brentsville Presbyterian Church in Virginia
Commentary: Amber on Ramadan traditions June 01, 2018
Ramadan is the holy month on the Islamic lunar calendar during which Muslims are encouraged to reflect and renew their faith committments by observing 30 days of fasting from food, water and certain activities during day light hours.  It is also a time that is known for family meals, community gatherings and increasing charitible acts. Our host Amber Khan reflects on how the first 15 days of Ramadan took on a special meaning this year when her mom became seriously ill, and how she is trying to carry forward those treasured family traditions with her kids.