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Can people of faith lead a path to unity?
November 09, 2018
After a divisive midterm election, we learn about some people of faith who are trying to model a path to unity. 
A participant of Faith in Minnesota holds a sign reading GREATER THAN FEAR | Courtesy of Faith in Minnesota's Twitter
How voters of faith impacted the midterms November 09, 2018
Coming off the midterm elections that saw Republicans retain control of the Senate and Democrats take the House, our country now moves forward with a split Congress. It reflects our country’s divides - including along religious lines. To give a little more nuance to what the elections meant for voters from different religious groups and some of the big religion news stories of the night, we talk with Jack Jenkins, a national reporter with Religion News Service. We also talk to JaNae’ Bates, a member of a multi-faith nonprofit in Minnesota called ISAIAH and its sister organization Faith in Minnesota about how it will move forward its efforts pre-election to expand racial and economic justice going forward.

Jack Jenkins, national reporter at Religion News Service
JaNae' Bates, director of communications of ISAIAH and Faith in Minnesota

Neighborly Faith's logo, courtesy of their Twitter
From podcasts to common priorities, organizations work to expand world views across faith lines November 09, 2018
As we consider how our nation will move forward after a divisive midterm election, we hear the stories of two different initiatives that have been working to bring people together for years. The One America Movement, supported by the Jewish service organization Repair the World, aims to use faith and science to “bridge divides and solve problems” on specific social issues. The Neighborly Faith initiative and podcast focuses on helping evangelical Christians to navigate an increasingly diverse world without compromising their beliefs while being good neighbors.

Andrew Hanauer, director of faith-based collaborations at One America
Kevin Singer, co-director and host of Neighborly Faith

Pastor Van Moody | Twitter
Pastor visits White House to advocate for prison reform, but faces negative reaction November 09, 2018
In these highly partisan times, working across the aisle isn’t easy and can sometimes come with political blowback. But for one pastor, the issues facing his community - specifically the need for prison reform - is more important than partisanship. The Rev. Van Moody talks about why it was important for him to speak with President Trump, despite criticisms he faced.

Rev. Van Moody, founding pastor of the Worship Center Christian Church in Birmingham, Ala.