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2018: A Year in Review
December 20, 2018
We discuss the biggest religion news stories of the year, including the stories we might of missed. Plus, we learn about how humanists celebrate Christmas. 
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End-of-year religion news roundup December 18, 2018
2018 has been an active year for religion journalism. We bring on Tiffany Stanley of Religion & Politics, Kalpana Jain of The Conversation, and Jack Jenkins of Religion News Service to discuss the biggest religion news stories of this year. Topics range from the sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church, to faith leaders and communities reacting to the struggle of migrants along the southern border, as well as how the #MeToo movement has influenced religious institutions. We also cover what stories were under-reported this year, and which communities were underrepresented. Plus, we discuss why investigative journalism is so important in the religion beat.

Tiffany Stanley, Managing Editor of Religion & Politics
Kalpana Jain, Senior Ethics and Religion Editor of The Conversation
Jack Jenkins, National Reporter at Religion News Service

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Celebrating Christmas in a secular, but profound way December 18, 2018
About 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas. However, only 46% of Americans say that they consider it to be a religious holiday. So as the religious significance of Christmas erodes, does it also lose its deeper meaning? Amanda Poppei, senior leader of the Washington Ethical Society, says that humanist, non-religious, and non-Christian people can still celebrate the holiday in a meaningful way by drawing universal themes and lessons from the Christmas story. She also says that families can turn to traditions and time spent together over more commercial practices in order experience Christmas more deeply.

Amanda Poppei
, senior leader of the Washington Ethical Society