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Credit: MIranda Kennedy
God and Government: India Edition, The Atheist Church, and More
November 07, 2013
Summary: we meet the people of Juhapura, India. About ten years ago, anti-Muslim riots turned the city into a kind of ghetto – one part Hindu, the other Muslim. Also, in the studio with the 'Mystify Sound' band, and The Sunday Assembly: church without God
Credit: World Economic Forum | Flickr
A New Face of Hindu Nationalism November 07, 2013
Our God and Government series takes us to India, where a man named Narendra Modi is a leading candidate for the next prime minister. He’s been a boon for the failing economy in his home state of Gujarat. But many minorties are worried about his Hindu nationalism, and say he turned a blind eye to Gujarat's anti-Muslim riots in 2002. Miranda Kennedy traveled to Gujarat’s biggest city - and a Muslim neighborhood called Juhapura - to learn more.

Reported by Miranda Kennedy and produced by Jocelyn Frank
Gauri Viswanathan, professor of humanities at Columbia University
Laura Jenkins, professor of political science at the University of Cincinnati

InterfaithVoices's Life in Juhapura album on Photobucket
Credit: Catherine Roberts
In the Studio With 'The Mystify Sound' November 07, 2013
India is soaked in religion. It’s the proud birthplace of many religious traditions: Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism and Hinduism. And it continues to be a spiritual mixing bowl. About 80 percent Hindu, it’s also home to the world’s second largest Muslim population – who make up just over ten percent of the country. The Mystify Sound band join us in the studio to bring the spiritual richness of India to life, through Indian classical melodies, Hindu devotionals, and other tunes.

Web Extra: Listen to their full music session.

Debu Nayak, tabla 
Craig Phillips, sitar
Adnan Masood, keyboard
Nistha Raj, violin
Nauman Ahmedvocals and harmonium

The Sunday Assembly: Church Without God November 07, 2013
Two British comedians are the "pastors" of new a kind of atheist church: the Sunday Assembly. They started it a year ago in London for non-believers who still want to experience the wonder, friendship and community of church. Now they're bringing the God-free congregation to America, for their "40 Dates and 40 Nights" tour.

Sanderson Jones, co-founder with Pippa Evans, of The Sunday Assembly