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Credit: Roberto Trm | flickr
Robes and Swords in Myanmar, Tibetan Dream Yoga, and More
July 16, 2013
Summary: Buddhism is known for its commitment to non-violence, but that hasn't stopped machete-wielding Buddhists from killing more than 200 Muslims in Myanmar in the past year. Also, lucid dreaming as a spiritual practice, and Modern-Day Mystics: the new generation.
Credit: Hmuu Zaw | Wikimedia Commons
Radical Buddhism July 16, 2013
In Myanmar, an unlikely group of people is inciting violence against Muslims--Buddhist monks. Buddhist nationalists have now killed more than 200 Rohingya Muslims, inspired in part by a Buddhist monk with shorn hair, a saffron robe and a gentle voice: Ashin Wirathu. Though he denies any role in the riots, critics say his racist preaching has heightened resentment towards the growing Muslim minority.

Pictured: A house being burned during the 2012 Rohingya riots in Rakhine, Myanmar.

Michael Jerryson and Mark Juergensmeyer, co-editors of Buddhist Warfare
Credit: Shambalah Publication
Lucid Dreaming--And Awakening July 16, 2013
For Tibetan Buddhists, dreams can be a perfect laboratory for investigating the nature of reality. If you can learn how to awaken inside your dream--that is, become aware that you're dreaming and even take control of your dream--you can learn how to "wake up" in the rest of your life.

B. Alan Wallace, author of Dreaming Yourself Awake: Lucid Dreaming and Tibetan Dream Yoga for Insight and Transformation
Credit: Kino Lorber
How A Fake Guru Earned a Real Following July 18, 2013
Kumare looks just like you might imagine a Hindu guru. He has long hair, a stringy beard and wears a sarong. But his real name is Vikram Gandhi....and he grew up in New Jersey. Gandhi talks about his documentary, Kumare, in which he impersonates a guru whose message to students is that they don't really need him. From September 2012.

Vikram Gandhi, director and star of the documentary Kumare
Courtesy Adam Elenbaas
Modern-Day Mystics: The New Generation July 18, 2013
Preeti Harris and Adam Elenbaas came along after the so-called hippie generation, but their ways of accessing the mystical are age-old. Raised in a Hindu household, Preeti Harris has found her spiritual sustenance in meditation. Adam Elenbaas has traveled down many mystical paths. In this segment, he takes us on on a journey to Peru and introduces us to the mind-altering Amazonian plant known as ayahuasca. 

Pictured: Adam Elenbaas breathes in a brew of ayahuasca tea.

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Preeti Harris, transportation planner and practitioner of sahaja yoga meditation
Adam Elenbaas, author and ayahuasca adventurer