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Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Gay in the Eyes of God: The Series Finale
September 19, 2012
Summary: One last look at how different religions treat homosexuality - in Hinduism, in Buddhism, and from the point of view of cultural anthropology.
Credit: flickr | eriktorner
What Buddhism Says About Sexuality September 19, 2012
For Buddhists, whether homosexuality is "right" or "wrong" isn't the question - it's more important to ask whether a behavior is "skillfull" or "unskillfull." Does it lead to a sense of well-being, and ultimately, enlightenment?

Bill Aiken, Director of Public Affairs for Soka Gakkai International-USA

Credit: Wikimedia Commons
On Homosexuality and Hinduism September 19, 2012
The term "Hinduism" refers to a multitude of traditions, so it's no surprise that Hindu attitudes towards sexuality and homosexuality are complex. We get a grand tour, from the ancient tales of gods and goddesses to the lives of recent Indian immigrants to the United States. 

Vinay Lal, Professor of History at UCLA
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Beyond the Gender Binary September 19, 2012
Culture gives us permission - or denies us permission - to express what we find is true and real in ourselves. There is nothing natural, or inevitable, about being gay, straight, male or female - or none of the above. We explore alternative expressions of gender and spirituality, in the Hijras in India, the two-spirits in Native American communities, and the Sambia people in Papua New Guinea.

Pictured: Hijras in India celebrating Koovagam, a Hindu festival dedicated to the deity Aravan.

Gilbert Herdt, Professor of Human Sexuality Studies and Anthropology at San Francisco State University