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Credit: Wikimedia Commons
The Book of Revelation, Christian Zionism in America, and More
March 16, 2012
Elaine Pagels unravels the stories and hidden messages in the Book of Revelation, an unholy alliance between Christian and Jewish Zionists, and the monopoly of Evangelical Christianity in the world of sports.
Credit: Princeton
Visions of Politics, Not Apocalypse March 16, 2012
The Book of Revelation is by far the most controversial book of the Bible. It’s a story of wild, often violent, visions that many interpret as a prophecy of the end of time. To the modern reader, it can seem like a terrifying brew of beasts, demons, disasters and wars. Elaine Pagels decodes these images to reveal an anti-Roman Empire political cartoon that criticized major events of the time. 
Credit: Wikimedia Commons - Matt Knight and Zachi Evenor
Unholy Alliance? Christian and Jewish Zionists March 16, 2012
It’s clear why many Jews support Zionism. That’s the movement to maintain a Jewish state in Palestine, the ancient homeland of the Jews. What’s not so clear is why another group wants the same thing – Evangelical Christians. Max Blumenthal explains how two groups, driven by seemingly contradictory theologies, have become political allies.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons - Clemed
From Players to Preachers: 'Tebowing' and 'Linsanity' March 16, 2012
There's a public brand of Christianity prevalent in sports right now, and its spokespeople are athletes like Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin. They pray before playing. They attribute success to God's will and their faith.  And according to Tom Krattenmaker, it's no accident; he says Evangelical Christians have a near monopoly in sports. Produced by Eric Crouch.
Pictured: Tim Tebow 'tebowing' on the field. He is famous for kneeling to pray before running on the field.