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The Inner Struggles of Gay Orthodox Jews, Rabbis on Homosexuality, and More
July 20, 2012
Summary: Living the 'Torah lifestyle' in a tradition that considers homosexuality a sin, two rabbis discuss homosexuality, and the award-winning documentary, 'Crime After Crime.'
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Gay and Orthodox July 20, 2012
In Orthodox Judaism, to be both actively gay and "frum," or observant, is a theological taboo. Producer Jon Kalish spoke to four Orthodox men and women who are trying to merge their two identities.

Produced by Jon Kalish
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Homosexuality in Judaism: Two Views July 20, 2012
It all started with those two lines in Leviticus - a core text of Judaism. Two rabbis from opposite ends of the theological spectrum explain homosexuality in Jewish law.

Rabbi Meir Fund, leader of the Orthodox Congregation Sheves Achim in Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Debra Kolodny, leader of the Congregation P'nai Or in Portland, Oregon
Credit: Courtesy of Life Sentence Films
Crime After Crime July 20, 2012
Debbie Peagler was sentenced to life in prison for murdering the man who abused her. We speak with the Orthodox Jewish lawyer who spent seven years fighting to set her free. He's one of the subjects of the award-winning documentary, "Crime After Crime." Produced by Eric Crouch.

Joshua Safran, lead attorney for the Safran Law Group