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Credit_Ruth Morris
Chaplains: Spiritual Care for a Secular Nation
April 17, 2017
In this intimate series, we explore the daily lives of chaplains, traveling from a Zen meditation retreat to a military base. Chaplains work in a surprisingly diverse array of settings...and with an increasingly non-religious population. We followed seven chaplains as they guide others through life's most fragile moments. 
Oksana Chapman: "I got an 'A' in Atheism."
In the first installment of our Chaplains series, we spend a day with Rabbi Oksana Chapman, a Russian-speaking chaplain who grew up under Soviet rule and once got an 'A' in Atheism. At Hebrew SeniorLife in Boston, she offers the solace of song and ritual to Russian-speaking residents who had to keep their Jewish identity quiet.

Produced by Ruth Morris and introduced by Trace Haythorn, executive director of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education.

Arkadiy Glinets and his wife, Roza, share a room at at Hebrew SeniorLife in Boston, Massachusetts. As young newlyweds in Russia they were forced to hide their Jewish identity. But now, 63 years later, Rabbi Oksana Chapman has married them again -- this time under a Jewish chuppah.