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Lauren Murphy
Making the Ritual Her Own: Rachell Goldberg January 17, 2018

Rachell Goldberg
 used to see the Jewish ritual of immersing in a mikvah as just another religious obligation--something to check off her to-do list. Nearly every month for thirteen years, she visited a Jewish ritual bath to cleanse herself after her period, a practice commanded in Jewish law. But this time, after enduring seven months of chemotherapy for breast cancer, she's making the ritual her own. From 2017.

An update since this show first aired: Rachell tells us she is finally past her cancer treatment, and in good health. 

Produced by Abigail Holtzman, who wrote an in-depth, print version of Rachell's story for Narratively

Rachel sits on the edge of the mikvah water. Photo credit: Lauren Murphy.