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Listener Story: Mark Klar March 17, 2017
Listener Mark Klar of Richmond, Kentucky shares this memory of a time he felt like a stranger. Here's an excerpt of his story of encountering a Bedouin in the Sinai desert, as a 22-year-old traveler.

After exchanging salaam aleikums, he gestured for me to sit with him under this desiccated "tree." He then proceeded to make a small fire, take his sack of, what turned out to be, flour, the water and mix them together. He turned over the pan, spread the dough on the back of the pan and baked pita bread. He gave me half.

We ate together while exchanging smiles. He then put out the fire and scoured the pan with sand. We got up, exchanged salaams and went on our different ways. I will never forget his kindness. A Jew and a Muslim.