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Credit: USA Today | Shelley Mays
Young Snake Handlers Grasp the Power of Faith  
06-06-2012From around the web
By BOB SMIETANA | NASHVILLE, Tenn.  (USA Today) Andrew Hamblin's Facebook page is filled with snippets of his life. Making a late-night run to Taco Bell. Watching SpongeBob on the couch with his kids. Hand...

Credit: USA Today | Todd Plitt
Technology shifts the meaning of ‘death us do part’ in funeral rituals  
06-04-2012From around the web
By LAURA PETRECCA (USA Today) When her 91-year-old aunt passed away in 2010, Diane DiResta videotaped the eulogies to create a record of the moving words spoken. She wasn't ready to talk about her aunt at the...

"This Week in Religion: The Pope's Butler"  
06-01-2012From around the web
Odyssey Networks shares this week's stories about religion in the news. Watch the video here. Top stories include: Pope Benedict XVI's Butler Arrested for Leaking Confidential Papal Documents Russian...

Credit: CNN
Maureen on CNN: Nuns at odds with the Vatican  
05-30-2012Maureen's Corner
(CNN)–The board members of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, an umbrella group whose members represent 80% of America's Catholic nuns, is meeting in Washington this week to decide how to respond to ...

Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Kansas Bans Shariah, Muslims Eye Legal Fight  
05-30-2012From around the web
By LAUREN MARKOE | WASHINGTON    (RNS) Muslim civil rights groups are calling a new Kansas law that bans Shariah in state courtrooms an expression of Islamophobia that is vulnerable to a legal challenge. &nb...

Credit: RNS | Courtesy of iStock Photo
Guidelines Seek Line Between Free Speech and Bullying  
05-23-2012From around the web
By LAUREN MARKOE | WASHINGTON (RNS) When Sally tells Jimmy that he's going to hell for believing in a false religion, is that Sally exercising her First Amendment right to free expression, or is that Bil...

Credit: Flickr | Scazon
Poll: Queen Should Remain Head of the Church of England  
05-18-2012From around the web
By AL WEBB | LONDON (RNS)  Nearly three-quarters of people in England believe Queen Elizabeth II should retain her position as titular head of the Church of England, according to an opinion poll commissioned...