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How moms set children’s spiritual compass and why it matters  
By CATHY LYNN GROSSMAN (RNS) Religious identity used to be “inherited.” “Cradle Catholic” is shorthand for born into the faith; within Judaism, the faith is passed through a Jewi...

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Liberation theology’s founder basks in a belated rehabilitation under Pope Francis  
By DAVID GIBSON | NEW YORK (RNS) It used to be that just saying the words “liberation theology” around Catholics was enough to start a schism-level fight, or at least raise a red flag in Rome. ...

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Why David Brooks is my rabbi (COMMENTARY)  
By JEFFREY SALKIN (RNS) Is David Brooks becoming a Christian? That’s the question that some people have been asking about The New York Times’ op-ed columnist, especially in the...

Miriam Alster | Flash 90 | RNS
Women of the Wall pluck Torah scroll across partition to women’s section  
By MICHELE CHABIN | JERUSALEM (RNS) For the first time in its 26-year history, the feminist prayer group Women of the Wall managed to read from a full-sized Torah scroll Monday (April 20) after one...

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Panel offers pastors advice on becoming ‘ministers of reconciliation’ in African-American communities  
By CHRISTOPHER HUTTON | ORLANDO, Fla. (RNS) Christian ministers should establish relationships with law enforcement, seek ways to become moral authorities in their communities and listen. Those were the ...

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Why conservatives want Obama to say ‘Islamic’ terrorism  
By TREVIN WAX (RNS) When Sen. Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for president, the Texas Republican asked the audience at Liberty University to “imagine a president who says, ‘We will stand up and defe...

Fotocafe Photography | RNS
The problem with creating ‘Christian’ versions of things (COMMENTARY)  
By SCOTT CHRISTIAN | NEW YORK (RNS) If someone offered you the chance to live in a world designed to look and feel like the real one, but is actually a tidier, more ordered Stepford-ish facsimile, would...