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10 Commandments for atheists: a guide for nonbelievers who want to explore their values  
11-21-2014From around the web
By KIMBERLY WINSTON | STANFORD, Calif. (RNS) An atheist, a humanist and an agnostic walk into a restaurant. The hostess says, “Table for one?” An old joke, yes, but its essence lies at the hea...

Leadership Conference of Women Religious
Maureen on Cardinal Sean O'Malley's '60 Minutes' Interview  
11-20-2014Maureen's Corner
In this blog, Maureen writes her reaction to Cardinal Sean O'Malley's reply to a question about the Vatican's investigation into the Leadership Conference of Women Religious during his 60 Minutes interview on...

RNS | Sir John Gilbert | Wikimedia Commons
The ‘Splainer: blood libel and the synagogue massacre  
11-20-2014From around the web
By LAUREN MARKOE The ‘Splainer (as in “You’ve got some ‘splaining to do”) is an occasional feature in which Kimberly Winston and other RNS staff give you everything you need to know about...

Dan Lundberg | Flickr
Can commerce and religion go their separate ways this Christmas?  
11-19-2014From around the web
By TOM EHRICH (RNS) I’ve decided not to worry about the earlier-than-ever start to Christmas commerce this year. Shortly after Halloween, with hardly a nod to Thanksgiving, stores and advertisers began ...

Ilmicrofono Oggiono | Flickr
Mormons change rules to allow moms, divorced women to teach religion  
11-18-2014From around the web
By PEGGY FLETCHER STACK | SALT LAKE CITY c. 2014 Salt Lake Tribune (RNS) Until now, if you were a Mormon woman hired to teach at an church seminary for high schoolers or an institute for college studen...

Michael Cohn | Flickr
Maureen on Pope Francis' Attitude Toward Women  
11-14-2014Maureen's Corner
Maureen dives into the implications behind Pope Francis' conference on traditional marriage, called "The Complimentarity of Man and Woman."  "Looking at the title of this conference ...

Annie Laurie Gaylor | RNS
Court rejects atheists’ demand to end tax break for clergy housing  
11-14-2014From around the web
By KIMBERLY WINSTON (RNS) A federal court of appeals rejected a case brought by an atheist organization that would have declared tax-exempt clergy housing allowances — often a large chunk of a pastor’s com...