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Patsy Lynch/FEMA | RNS
Atlanta is burning: A new and ominous threat to religious liberty (COMMENTARY)  
01-22-2015From around the web
By R. ALBERT MOHLER JR. and KELLY SHACKELFORD (RNS) One day Atlanta has a fire chief; the next day it doesn’t. Once again, a moral scandal takes down a public official. What was the scandal involvi...

Public Domain | Wikimedia Commons
Maureen on Francis, Climate Change, and Contraception  
01-20-2015Maureen's Corner
Maureen reacts to Francis' recent tour in the Philippines and expresses her dismay at his decision to include an anti-contraception message throughout. ...

RNS-Pope-Contraception | REUTERS/Giuseppe Cacace/Pool
Don’t breed ‘like rabbits': Was Pope Francis breaking new ground on birth control?  
01-20-2015From around the web
By DAVID GIBSON (RNS) Pope Francis may have been elected by the Holy Spirit, but he seems made for the Age of Twitter. A case in point were his latest remarks, in which he affirmed the Catholic Church&rs...

Rob & Dani | Flickr
You can really call this wine ‘vintage Francis’  
01-20-2015From around the web
By KIMBERLY WINSTON | NAPA, Calif. (RNS) It was a good thing for Trinitas Cellars that Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio took the name Pope Francis, and not, say Pope Malbecius. When the Argentine cardinal ...

Tomas Maltby | flickr
Rumi followers fight to keep Turks from cashing in on mystic’s legacy  
01-14-2015From around the web
By MICHAEL KAPLAN | ISTANBUL (RNS) Each Sunday, visitors line up outside of the old Sufi lodge, now a museum, in Turkey’s tourist-filled Galata district, informational pamphlets, cameras and $20 ticket...

Mona Eberhardt | Flickr
Maureen on the Charlie Hebdo Attacks  
01-14-2015Maureen's Corner
Maureen relfects on the misconceptions of Islam's view toward depicting the propher Muhammad. ...
Online ordinations aren’t just for weddings anymore  
01-14-2015From around the web
By HEATHER ADAMS (RNS) Online ordinations are a fast-growing business, a way for ordinary people to play priest-for-a-day at their friends’ and family’s weddings. But these ordinations are also a 21st...