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Passover: From Exodus to Coca-Cola
April 07, 2017
Why the Exodus story resonates with an African-American rabbi, and where you can get some of that elusive, limited-edition Passover Coke.
The Black Rabbi from Chicago April 07, 2017
As a young man in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Capers C. Funnye Jr. was encouraged to become a pastor. Instead, he went to rabbinical school. Now one of the few black rabbis in the United States, he heads an Ethiopian Hebrew synagogue on the southwest side of Chicago. Rabbi Funnye joined us on Passover in 2009 to share his struggle for acceptance and explain why blacks and Jews have so much in common. 

Rabbi Capers C. Funnye, Rabbi of Beth Shalom B’nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation
Credit_Laura Kwerel
In the Kitchen with the 'Jewish Martha Stewart' April 07, 2017
For Jews, every Passover begins with a sumptuous, ritualized meal called a seder. It celebrates the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt with stories, songs, and most importantly, food. The dinner can last anywhere from half an hour to three hours, and needless to say there's a lot of cooking to do. Laura Kwerel dropped by the home of Meredith Jacobs, also known as "the Jewish Martha Stewart," to find out what it takes to make it all happen. From 2009.

Meredith Jacobs is vice president of marketing and communications for Jewish Women International (JWI)

Click here to see Jacobs' recipe for a special matzoh ball soup!
Holocaust Survivors and Food Memories April 07, 2017
Producer Laura Kwerel spoke to the author behind a collection of more than 170 recipes passed down from survivors of the Holocaust. The book isn’t just about food. It’s about memory-- how the aromas and flavors of a warm meal can unlock powerful feelings and transport us back in time. From 2011.

June Feiss Hersh is the author of Recipes Remembered: A Celebration of Survival

Coca-Cola: Kosher for Passover? April 07, 2017
Every spring before Passover, Coca-Cola plants in Chicago, New York, Atlanta and other cities whip up a tiny batch of soda that's kosher for Passover. The run lasts about two weeks and has been known to sell out in less than 24 hours. But how is this Coke different from all other Cokes? Back in 2009, Laura Kwerel went down to West Rogers Park, in Chicago, to find out.

Click here to learn more about kosher Coke and where to find it. 
A Personal Passover Story April 07, 2017
Bonnie Auslander hosted her first Passover seder more than a decade ago, when she was newly married to a non-Jew. It’s taken her a while to feel comfortable inviting other Jews to her seder table– to get what she calls her “seder legs.” From 2011.

Bonnie Auslander is a "pitch coach" for startup companies and lives in Lyons, Colorado.
A Taste of the Hip Hop Hagaddah April 07, 2017
Here's our interview with Canadian DJ Socalled. In 2005 he did a remix of all the songs associated with a Passover seder...and he called it A Hip Hop Hagaddah

Socalled, also known as Josh Dolgin, is a musician, producer, and puppet maker based in Montreal, Quebec