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Ida Mae Astute | ABC
A Skeptical News Anchor Finds Meditation and Hiking as Spiritual Exercise
May 28, 2015
Summary: Dan Harris used to think meditation was for "bearded swamis, unwashed hippies and fans of John Tesh music." That all changed after he had a panic attack on live TV. And hiker Belden Lane on the spiritual wisdom of wilderness.
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Fifteen Years of Religion Reporting and Why Minority Faiths Need TV Shows
May 21, 2015
Summary: Now that he's stepping down from Religion News Service, our longtime news anaylst opens up about his struggle to shield his own same-sex marriage from the rest of the religion world. And how "Halal in the Family" is testing stereotypes through the TV sitcom.
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When God Talks Back and Christian Zionism: An Unholy Alliance?
May 14, 2015
Summary: Nearly a quarter of Americans say they can experience God as a living being. But thinking of God as real is hard. It takes practice, imagination, and above all, faith. And the strange pact between Jews and Evangelicals.
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Quinn Dombrowski | flickr
Religious Outsiders: Feeling Ignored In Houses of Worship
May 06, 2015
Summary: Religious outsiders--people who, for one reason or another, feel rejected, excluded, or ignored in their houses of prayer. On our list: introverts, the disabled, and men.
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