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God and Government: China Edition, HBO Tackles Scientology, and More
March 26, 2015
Summary: China's atheist government once destroyed temples and jailed monks and priests. Now religion is booming--and some of it is being funded by the state. And a review of Alex Gibney’s jaw-dropping documentary on Scientology.
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Debating a Theology of ISIS, the Church of TED and More
March 19, 2015
Summary: We host a debate on whether the so-called Islamic State is truly 'Islamic.' Jeffrey Goldberg explains why Jews are fleeing Europe. And are the TED Talks today's evangelical tent revivals?
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Making No Apologies for Feminist Theology, Rev. Welton Gaddy, and More
March 12, 2015
Summary: Feminist theology: It's so much more than calling God 'she' or 'wind.' Two feisty theologians argue it's really a question of who gets to say. And Rev. Welton Gaddy reflects on 16 years as an interfaith rabble-rouser.
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Leonard Nimoy on the Jewish Roots of Spock, Robots with a Soul, and More
March 04, 2015
Summary: In memory of Leonard Nimoy, it's only logical to re-visit our 2012 interview. The son of Jewish immigrants, he says his half-alien Spock was a true 'diaspora character.' And the dangers and divinity of artificial intelligence.
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