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Religion's Role in the Climate Crisis and The Push to Forgive in the Black Church
June 25, 2015
Summary: It's not just the Pope: why religious leaders outside the Catholic Church are making climate change a top priority. And after the Charleston church shootings, we explore the role of forgiveness in the black church.
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The Pope Tackles Climate Change and the Nun Who Went to Prison
June 18, 2015
Summary: The Pope’s letter on the environment is bold and unequivocal: climate change, he says, will have "'grave consequences for all of us.'" But will global leaders listen? And an 85-year-old nun's nuclear break-in arrest.
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Joseph Smith's 40 Wives and Life in a Plural Marriage
June 10, 2015
Summary: A full hour on the legacy of polygamy in the Mormon Church, from last November. First, why the church is admitting that founder Joseph Smith had up to 40 wives. And we meet a Utah family of 27. 
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Tahera Ahmad: Flying While Muslim and Trans Poet Joy Ladin
June 04, 2015
Summary: Why a mid-flight Diet Coke has turned into a national conversation on Islamophobia. And before Caitlyn Jenner, there was Joy Ladin, the first openly trans professor at an Orthodox Jewish university.
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