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ErinlBarker | Flickr
Duke's Call to Prayer Controversy and the Morality of Football
January 29, 2015
Summary: Duke recently announced--then nixed--a plan to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer from the bell tower of its Christian chapel. Three experts explain the ensuing uproar. Plus, a poll on the hand of God in sports.
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Benh | Wikimedia Commons
God and Government: Turkey Edition and Remembering Marcus Borg
January 22, 2015
Summary: Turkey's government is officially secular. So why does the state control nearly every aspect of religious life? Plus, our final interview with the warm and wise Marcus Borg, who died on Jan. 21.
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Passion Leica | flickr
France's New Anti-Semitism and Anne Rice, From Vampires to Christ and Back Again
January 16, 2015
Summary: What's lurking behind Europe's spike in anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. And--six years ago, Anne Rice told us she was abandoning vampires and committing to Christ. Now her faith has fled...and the vampires are back.
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Credit: Todd MacMillan, Not Far Now Studios
Deepak Chopra's Mystical Vision of God and Muslim Satire After Charlie Hebdo
January 08, 2015
Summary: The holistic health guru talks to Jeffrey Kripal about the mystery of being alive. Also, misconceptions about depicting Muhammad, and Maureen's agenda for Pope Francis.
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Public Domain | Wikimedia Commons
Pentecostal Snake Handers and Interfaith Twin-hood
January 01, 2015
Summary: Two amazing radio docs from our archives. An intimate portrait of snake handlers and strychnine-drinkers in the hills of Appalachia, and Elizabeth and Caroline: twin sisters, two faiths.
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