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Basic Books
Forgotten Religions of the Middle East and One Nation, Under Gods
February 26, 2015
Summary: introducing the tiny, ancient religions of the Middle East, now teetering on the brink of extinction--the Yazids of Iraq, the Druze of Iran, the Copts of Egypt, and others. Also, a new telling of America's founding story with Buddhists, Hindus, Unitarians and more.
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Wikimedia Commons
Sam Harris Gets Spiritual, When Catholic Morals Controlled Hollywood, and More
February 19, 2015
Summary: He's been called arrogant, militant, and brilliant. Uber-atheist Sam Harris goes head-to-head with Maureen. Plus, we go back to an era when one of the most powerful forces in the movie business was the Catholic Church.
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echiner1 | Flickr
Confronting the Vow of Obedience and Religious Exemptions for Vaccines
February 12, 2015
Summary: When a priest’s own conscience conflicts with his vow of obedience to the Church, what should he do? In 2012, Father Tony Flannery faced this question for himself. Plus, why more and more parents are seeking religious exemptions from vaccines.
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Νick Perrone | Flickr
Tales from Auschwitz and Israel's Holocaust 'Obsession'
February 05, 2015
Summary: Seventy years after the liberation of the most infamous death camp of the Holocaust, two survivors share their story. Plus, has Israel's mandate to 'never forget' made its leaders fearful and paranoid? We hear two views.
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