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John Zeratsky | flickr
Pass the Plate or Pay Your Dues? How Churches and Synagogues Ask For Money
August 27, 2015
American Jews and Christians think about money very differently--and that translates into different approaches to raising funds and paying clergy in their houses of worship. Plus: for the first time, the Mormon Church appoints women to top leadership roles.  
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Public Domain
Is ISIS Islamic? And Remembering the Voice Behind Fiddler's 'Tevye'
August 21, 2015
What inspires ISIS? We revisit our popular debate on whether the so-called Islamic State is truly 'Islamic.' And our 2011 conversation with legendary Jewish actor Theodore Bikel, who died in July at age 91.
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Courtesy Rita Swan
God is My Doctor: When Religion Clashes with Modern Medicine
August 13, 2015
Sixteen-month-old Matthew Swan died of a curable infection in 1977. His mother, a former Christian Scientist, tells us she was persuaded by her church to rely on prayer alone to heal her son. And our former producer visits the Arlington Metaphysical Chapel in Northern Virginia.
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Mark Stedman
Confronting the Vow of Obedience: Two Priests Weigh In
August 07, 2015
When a priest’s own conscience conflicts with his vow of obedience to the Church, what should he do? In 2012, Father Tony Flannery faced this question for himself.
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