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Rapture Theology and the Human Longing for Immortality
January 01, 2016
Nearly all religions address what happens after we die. This week, a whole hour on (im)mortality, resurrection, and the human desire to live forever.
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A Lesson in Rapture Theology December 16, 2015
A growing number of Christians look forward to the Rapture: the day when, according to First Thessalonians, believers will be launched into the clouds “to meet their God in the air.”  And some think that day is coming soon. Rev. Mark Schaefer explains the relatively recent history of Rapture theology. From 2010. 

Rev. Mark Schaefer, United Methodist Chaplain and Professor of Philosophy and Religion at American University
Tim LaHaye | Tim LaHaye
Tim LaHaye, Painter of the Apocalypse December 16, 2015
"True believers" instantly ascend to heaven. Their now driver-less cars cause massive crashes. And in a desperate attempt to avoid being "left behind," millions of people accept Jesus Christ. These images of the Rapture are all thanks to Tim LaHaye, co-author of Left Behind. This best-selling series imagines an Apocalyptic Evangelical view of the end of the world. From 2010. 

Tim LaHaye, Evangelical minister and co-author of the Left Behind series
Mortality and Immortality | William Michael Harnett
The Universal Quest to Live Forever December 16, 2015
Throughout the centuries and across different cultures, humans have longed to find the key to immortality. Philosopher Stephen Cave calls this urge a "universal obsession" and the driving force behind humanity's greatest monuments, scientific advancements, and world religions. From 2012. 

Pictured: "Mortality and Immortality" by Williams Michael Harnett, 1876.

Stephen Cave, Philosopher and author of Immortality: The Quest to Live Forever and How it Drives Civilization