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Is Yoga a Religion? Tweeting the Bible, and More
December 04, 2013
Summary: Is yoga hiding nefarious metaphysical ideas? Two sides weigh in. And a new translation of the Bible, into tweets.
Credit: Oxford University Press
Candy Gunther Brown: The Hidden Religion in Yoga December 04, 2013
If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, been treated with acupuncture, visited a chiropractor or relaxed with a shiatsu massage, then you actually practiced a certain kind of religion, even if you weren’t aware of it. At least, that’s according to Candy Gunther Brown. She says metaphysical ideas behind popular health therapies - like the idea that our bodies are ruled by a 'life force' -  might be challenging your world view for the worse.
Candy Gunther Brown, author of The Healing Gods: Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Christian America
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Erik Davis: Yoga Is 'Spiritual But Not Religious' December 04, 2013
Though the roots of yoga may be in Hinduism, today its link with religion is blurry. Erik Davis says the yoga we practice today is a modern American creation, not an ancient path that's been handed down for centuries. "Sometimes it's very religious, and you have gods and you have chanting," he says. "And sometimes it's very secular. You have Jane Fonda in Spandex doing yoga on VHS tapes."

Erik Davis, journalist and cultural critic
Credit: Courtesy of Jana Riess
Scriptures in 140 Characters or Less December 04, 2013
The Bible's dozens of books and hundreds of chapters can seem long and - let's face it - kind of boring, especially in the era of Twitter. So a religion writer has a solution - she calls it The Twible. It's her own translation of the Jewish and Christian Bible into the language of Twitter, known as tweets.

Jana Riess, author of The Twible