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Credit: Jonathan Rashad | Flickr
The Rise and Fall of the Muslim Brotherhood, Rev. Elizabeth Eaton, and More
August 29, 2013
Summary: Two experts discuss the future of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, and we sit down with the first female presiding bishop of America's largest Lutheran denomination.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Morsi's Failed Experiment in Egypt August 29, 2013
In 2012, when Egyptians were wondering how to build a new government, the Muslim Brotherhood seemed to have the answers. Holding up the Koran as a guide, the group offered morality, righteousness and clarity. But after only a year in office, its presidential candidate, Mohamed Morsi, was ousted by the Egyptian military. So where did the Brotherhood go wrong? 

Ed Husain, Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations
Daniel Brumberg, co-director of Democracy and Governance studies at Georgetown University and senior program officer at the United States Institute of Peace
Credit: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
The First Woman to Lead America's Evangelical Lutherans August 29, 2013
The Evangelical Lutheran Church, like many churches in America, is in a numbers crisis. It's pews have shrunk nearly every year since it was founded in 1987, and it lost nearly half a million members in 2010 and 2011. Into this landscape walks Elizabeth Eaton, the first woman elected to lead the church. Her solution to get people to join? "We'll give out toaster ovens." (She's kidding, of course.)

Rev. Elizabeth Eaton, presiding bishop-elect of the Evangelical Church in America